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Changes That Paul Marciano Brought in the Fashion Industry

When talking about the fashion industry, you can never fail to mention Paul Marciano and his brothers. Paul Marciano visited Los Angles for a vacation, and he realized that it was the best place to set up his business. Marciano believes that business opportunities are for the people who can see a need in the society and come up with ways of meeting this need. In 1981 Paul Marciano and his brothers relocated to LA. They set up a company known as GUESS. This page can give you more info. about GUESS.

GUESS recorded great success within the first year, and it managed to make a huge sale of six million dollars. Paul Marciano great way of marketing the products of the company brought about this great success. The strategy he put in place has sustained the company 37 years down the line. This company has brought about a major transformation in the world of fashion. Click on to read more about the transformation Paul Marciano brought in this industry.

One of the hugest brands by this company is the jeans. The company is known as the first one in the country to make designer jeans. In the 80s, no one would have thought that denim would do well in the market. However, Paul Marciano managed to make denim an attire everyone must have. Nearly everyone in America has a jean wear from GUESS. The success of this company was brought about by the ability to invent new and better designs. The popularity of the company to manufacture great jeans has not gone down to date.

GUESS choose models that were never known before to be in their ad campaigns. This not only made the company very popular but also helped the models to make a milestone in the career. Some of the models have managed to become international celebrities thanks to GUESS. Paul Marciano was committed to ensuring that he uses the platform that he had to make a difference in the lives of the people. Apart from being great in advertising, Paul Marciano was able to see untapped potential in models and helped to bring it out. Check here to learn more about Paul Marciano.

GUESS has many clients who have a glamor, taste, and style. As a result of the high level of competition, GUESS offers varying items, which include shoes and accessories, in addition to jeans. This means that people can meet all their fashion needs under one roof.

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