Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Game for the Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter is an amazing gaming franchise that has spawned a lot of versions. If you’re into exploration and collecting material from different monsters, then this game is highly recommended.

In this article, we will cover the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Game for the Nintendo 3DS. This is the first full-fledged Monster Hunter game for a portable gaming console that has the capability of connecting to the internet for online play.

The majority of the time in this game will be spent on killing various monsters. You see, in the Monster Hunter universe, whenever you kill a monster (a boss or a normal enemy), they will drop various materials that you can use to craft different armors and weapons.

These crafted weapons and armors are far more superior than what you can buy on the NPC.

The story of the game revolves around the player character. He (or she depending on your gender preference) meets up with a “Caravaneer”. This Caravaneer is actually from a prominent merchant city. He is also accompanied by a very good blacksmith called “The Man” and a guild stewardess.

Basically, your character will be employed to venture into a city to find some answers about the growing number of Elder Dragon sightings. During the course of the game, your character, along with the Caravaneer and other Hunter’s guild members, uncover the secret as to why the Elder Dragons come to be in the current timeline.

It has been found that a “Frenzy Virus” is roaming throughout the world. It inflicts monsters and it is also responsible for reviving the Elder Dragons (which was supposed to creatures of old, and thus, extinct).

Your mission is to defeat the Kushala Daora, the sacred Elder Dragon. He is the one who brought the Frenzy Virus to the world and by defeating him for good, you will also save the world by killing the vector of the virus.

The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a diverse game in that there are a plethora of different monsters you can defeat. As previously mentioned, when you defeat a monster, they will leave behind materials you can use to craft different equipment.

During the course of your voyage, you will come across rare monsters that drop highly valuable materials. When you hunt them a couple of times and craft equipment based on their drops, you will have an enormously powerful character.

Consider it bragging rights as well. You see, some rare monsters are just that, rare. And you will have to hunt them down to get all of the necessary materials you need to craft some sets.

But, once you do complete a particular set, you will be happy that you did. If you go online, a lot of people will admire your dedication and they will respect you for it.

Again, this game is the first iteration of Monster Hunter that allows you to connect to the internet. I highly suggest that you play online as it will truly be one of the best gaming experience you will ever have.

The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a highly satisfying game for RPG game aficionados.